Sallyann and Clint

Sallyann and Clint celebrated their decade-long romance with a wedding full of love and laughter. Being together for so long, their family and friends already knew how much they loved each other.

They could see it in the way Sallyann and Clint spend Sunday evenings at home, watching TV and eating dinner on the couch, wearing their matching pyjamas.
Love is in the way they hold hands in the street, sip lattes while they shop and take photographs of their food while on holidays. Love is in the way Clint is always there with a comforting hug and box of tissues even if it is the tenth time Sallyann has watched the Notebook. Love is not rubbing it in too much when Carlton beat Hawthorn in the football or vice-versa. They may seem like small things, but it is the small things that mean the most.

Sallyann and Clint incorporated a wine box ritual into their ceremony.
Sallyann’s dad made a beautiful wooden box to house a nice bottle of wine.
Sallyann and Clint both wrote letters to each other which were placed into the box unread. They hammered the box shut during the ceremony and won’t open it again until their 25th wedding anniversary, when they will share the bottle of wine, read the letters and remember their wedding day, the promises they made and the first 10 years of their life together.

As well as writing their own vows, Clint and Sallyann asked their mothers to witness their marriage. It was a lovely way of involving these two special women in their day.

It was so much fun to share Sallyann and Clint’s happiness.


One comment

  1. Kate, thank you so much. From the bottom of our hearts – thank you for listening to us, not judging us and making our ceremony unforgettable x Love the Marshall’s

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