Matt and Corina



Underneath the canopy of a magnificent old tree, surrounded by family and friends, Matt and Corina became husband and wife. A beautiful vintage-inspired wedding for a couple who everyone could see belonged together. Their ceremony was a mix of modern, tradition and some spontaneity just to keep it real. Guests reminisced about Matt and Corina’s adventures together and heard of their hopes and dreams for the future. Matt’s sister shared a reading from Corinthians and the couple exchanged traditional wedding vows. Corina arrived in style, driving into the paddock in Matt’s other love of his life, his old Holden – Bryan. Everyone had a giggle when during the vows, Matt had a slip of the tongue and instead of calling his darling bride his lawful wedded wife – he said awful wedded wife. It was one of those moments as a celebrant – you stop and think – did that just happen?! After lots of laughing (self included) we pulled ourselves together and Matt said those all important words. Everyone there could tell by the way he was looking at his gorgeous bride and holding her hand that he thought she was anything but awful! It’s the unexpected moments that can bring the greatest joy and remind us that this is real life, not a performance. I’ll always remember the two of them, standing under that great big tree, holding hands and laughing. I hope that in 50 years time, that’s what they are still doing.

Gorgeous images by Graham Bone Farrell.
Transport: Matt’s Holden, Bryan, and The Chariot FB Holden
Venue: House of Cards
And a whole lot of DIY love from family and friends!