Justin and Amy

Getting married is not a performance, it’s about being yourself and keeping it real. It’s about subtle touches that remind you why you are standing here with the person you love. It’s holding a bouquet that was handmade by your mum featuring bright yellow wattle, because your fiance asked you to marry him on a rainy day underneath the wattle trees. Being in love and getting married, is about embracing all the good things in your life and letting them run free. It’s about not holding back and allowing joyous moments to happen, like a little boy happily playing with his diggers and trucks in the sand at his parent’s feet while they take their marriage vows.

On this relaxed August afternoon at beautiful Bunker Bay, Amy and Justin and a small group of close family and friends, celebrated all that is good in the world.

Beautiful photos by Photogerson
Coordination by Caz at Margaret River Elopements
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